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Sammy wants Wifi to Cloud!

I love this product!  It looks simple and easy to use.  Perfect for that second home that has Wifi and you just want a little piece of mind that no one is going in the front door when you're not there.  I understand that you have introduced BleepBleeps Cloud.  Please take the next step and let Sammy use Wifi. 

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Thanks for your feedback!

I agree!! When i saw this product, I was so excited that I ordered 2 of them without realising that they only worked while in bluetooth range. I bought them to go into my cabin up north which has wifi. My fault for not reading I guess, but I have no use for a product that only alerts me over short distances.

Hi Ted - I'm really sorry Sammy isn't what you expected. Of course, I'd be happy to refund you if you'd like to return the items...

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