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General packaging snags

Colour of Suzy on the front and back is a bit off.

Clingwrap sealed

Sleeve is a bit too tight.

BB Note logo on blue box wrong artwork.

Quick Start Guide artwork needs to shift over to the right on the reverse.

Foam: bit small for the box - we are increasing this so its nice and snug.

Foam: position of Suzy’s blue silicone BleepBleeps Note tab in the wrong place.

Foam: plugs fall out/move around.

Sleeve is very tight and upside down to the inner box, see pic. The blue inner cover was not matched up with Suzy inside. On the blue cover she needs to be switched to the right so you open the flap and there is underneath.
(2.07 MB)
(1.44 MB)

thanks Karen, what you have here is a Suzy inserted upside down in the box. As far as I know it is a one off. My apologies, we are looking in to it

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