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Heads are silver and should be black.
Connector is 10mm and should be 8mm.

Hi Lars - sorry about that. We're seeing some issues with the cable head and USB socket. I'll merge this issue with your other ticket and get you fixed up asap.

I guess I should try another cable then. Every time I lift Suzy to access the volume buttons (why?) the cable falls out.

Head is now 8mm and black
Kinks (if they appear) will have be straightened out by customer - it shouldn't be a problem as cable is rolled at assembly/packing.

And yes the 8mm connector will fit flush :)

Thanks Bret, that's the first time we've heard that one but we'll look in to it  - cheers

I'm not sure if others have experienced this, but the cable itself has a few kinks in the line that don't smooth out.
(974 KB)
That's why the connenector doesn't sit flush inside the device, correct?
(1.32 MB)
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