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Labelling is on top side and should be on underside

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The powerpack is very large (same size and a macbook charger) and the blie LED super bright. As it is large, it cannot be plugged in and concealed behind furniture, it has to be visible. As such, the bright LED is almost overpowering the orange light from the unit itself. Is the LEF neccesary? Blue light is not good for sleep. A flat plug would be much better if possible.

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Thanks Caroline that's really good feedback. We agree!

The power pack is effectively upside down with the lettering and the power adapter is not suitable for New Zealand or Australia. We need angled prongs not straight ones. It is also a wall adapter that is very difficult with kids rooms because lots of things are often plugged in to the wall or powerboatd that are bulky.
(1.63 MB)
(1.63 MB)

Hi Karen, thanks so much for your feedback!

Yes, we were unaware that labelling was going to be applied. And yes, if we'd had the choice we would have had it on the underside as opposed to the top. That will happen in future batches.

You should have received an NZ/Aus plug with your Suzy (instead of the UK one). If this is not the case it is an error on our part and will be corrected for the main batch. I hope in the meantime you can use a different USB adapter...

Thanks again! 

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