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Spotify would be amazin!

As instructed on KS, I am registering myhopes for the Spotify integration! :) or at least BT audio receiver. My daughter would love if her Suzy could play twinkle twinkle and horsey horsey :)

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Hi Steven, yes the update happened and you should be able to select White Noise now. If not, pls open a ticket and we'll take care of it :)

Did this update happen? I don’t see white noise option in my app. Please help.

Spotify integration will be a long time coming I'm afraid. However the good news is we have a software update coming out in the next week or two that fixes a ton of bugs, vastly improves reliability and connectivity, and also adds the White Noise audio feature so many of our customers have been asking for.

Sounds good, when are we expecting this update?

Hi Steven, sorry for the delayed response - I didn't get a notification on your reply.

Yes we have finally been accepted into the Spotify Hardware Development program and are working on this :)

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Any update on this?

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