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Nightlight goes off automatically and second alarm

So the past two nights, we put my kiddo to bed around 7-8 as usual, and set the wake time for 7:15. Only, around 1am, the light shuts off, or at least goes so dim it's imperceptible on the monitor. The first night this happened my kiddo woke up at 5am, screaming his head off as Suzy had become a comfort to him. I opened the app to start the soothing feature and Suzy was off as per my phone. He slept through the night last night so I wasn't able to check the app to see if she had actually turned herself off or if she had merely dimmed significantly. I've checked our video from the past few nights and this ONLY started happening a few nights ago. The other question I had involved being able to set a second timer. It's super inconvenient having to interrupt the sleep routine at night and nap time to reset the wake time (because I'm a mom and rarely have the time or forethought to set this up ahead of time.) Looking forward to your insight; thank you.
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