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Feedback clicking on Suzy baby monitor

Hearing a persistent clicking noise when Suzy is in baby monitor mode.

Again, sorry for the delayed response on this - I only just discovered you've created a topic.

Is this actually feedback - ie are you too near Suzy when streaming audio through your phone and getting a feedback loop?

Or are you experiencing a clicking sound when listening in remotely? This sounds like it could be interference on the electronics/hardware. If this is the case please create a ticket and we will pick up the case.

Hi, it’s not feedback. The sound is audible when I’m out of the room, via the app.

This sounds like it could be electrical interference on your particular Suzy. How bad is it? Would you like to create a ticket so we can look into solutions?

It’s pretty bad. It’s like a ticking noise. Makes monitoring unusable as it’s well annoying. Have to turn it down, then it’s too low to hear. How do I raise a ticket?
Hi I didn’t hear back on this
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