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Pairing issue.

Managed to get a Sammy paired to the iPad Air fine, however trying to then pair it with an iPhone 6 I encountered a problem. The Sammy was found, but when I hit "CONNECT ME" the screen changes to the connection ainimation but the I get an error message "We lost contact with Sammy, please start again." Can I only pair Sammy with one device or is there another issue? Do I need to reset it? I'm guessing I push something into the little hole on the back for a few seconds. Help please :)
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Sorry Chris - we missed this post over here!

Yes you are correct - at the moment, Sammy can only be paired with one mobile device (tablet or phone) at a time. This is a limitation of our Bluetooth bonding protocol. Otherwise anyone could connect to your Sammy and potentially disarm/arm her.

We agree it would be useful to pair Sammy with multiple devices and we are looking into this for version 1.1.

If you have paired Sammy to another phone you will have difficulty pairing her to a second phone. If you are experiencing problems pairing you can follow the reset process and then re-pair Sammy with the phone you want to use her with.

Hope this helps :)


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