BleepBleeps Cloud

We're working on extending Sammy's functionality and range by creating BleepBleeps Cloud

BleepBleeps Cloud will allow our customers to have one mobile device within range of Sammy (e.g. at home) and receive a notification on multiple other devices anywhere in the world (as long as there is an internet connection!)

It will be a subscription service, requiring customers to register and pay a small monthly fee. BleepBleeps Cloud will be the platform for all of the connected products we have planned for the future!

We're very excited about and are working hard on it now :) 

We'd love your feedback...

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WIFI Sreamers would enable a single unit to act to "guard" a safe from being tampered with and protect documents, precious metals, jewelry or bonds. A few Screamers a car or plane. A handful of WIFI Screamers would notify a home owner should their residence be violated. Tell mom & dad when their daughter is home from a date and inform a roommate if his dorm has company present. Shall I continue?

Thank you Stephen - yes you're right!

Our Screamers won't use wifi however - they'll connect over Bluetooth to a nearby mobile device (e.g an old iPhone or an iPad that you leave near Sammy) and then that device will connect to the internet over wifi or cellular and communicate with BleepBleeps Cloud and alert you worldwide. 

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