Suzy Snooze is three products in one: Smart Nightlight, Sleep Trainer and Baby Monitor. She's an innovative sleep companion for the whole family. Helping babies, children and adults get a good night's rest. 

Here's how she works...

Push down Suzy's hat at bedtime to start her Sleep Sequence.

The Sleep Sequence has 3 parts:

  1. Soothe
  2. Sleep
  3. Wake


When you push down Suzy's hat she immediately starts SoothingSuzy’s Soothing mode teaches your child get to sleep on their own with relaxing sound and light arrangements designed by our experts to induce sleepy feelings at bedtime. Suzy’s warm light emulates the qualities of an evening sunset and creates feelings of calm and sleepiness. By default the Soothing mode lasts 15 minutes and can be re-activated at any time by pushing down Suzy's hat or by tapping Soothe in the BleepBleeps smartphone app.


When Suzy's Soothing mode finishes (and your child is asleep) she switches to a Nightlight and becomes a soft, comforting light, helping your child to stay asleep through the night by creating a calm and cosy environment. 


In the morning Suzy teaches children when it’s the right time to get up. Her lights count down over an hour to your chosen Wake Time and then Suzy’s hat gently pops up when it’s time to get out of bed, helping children learn to stay in bed longer so parents can get a good night’s sleep too! Wake time is automatically set for 12 hours after bedtime by default. Wake time can be customised in the BleepBleeps app so you can (try to!) keep your kids in bed until a specific time each morning.

Suzy Snooze is also an Audio Baby Monitor on your smartphone.

Connect Suzy to the BleepBleeps app and she becomes an audio baby monitor. The monitor lets you listen in live to your child using high definition, secure audio. Suzy connects with your smartphone using your existing Wi-Fi network, works worldwide and has a range of up to 50m/150ft. To activate the Monitor simply tap Suzy's Monitor button in the BleepBleeps app.